Freshness for body,
mind and soul.

It’s time to let go of the daily live. Time to press the pause button and do something good for yourself.

Hotel Pfeifer offers you just that – a place where you can leave the everyday stress of life behind and focus entirely on your well-being.

Heated outdoor pool

Enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery at the same time! A special experience in summer and even more in winter!

Warmth for the soul

Finnish sauna

Heat is one of the oldest and most effective means of relaxation, healing and well-being. Regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and stimulate all metabolic processes.

Steam sauna

Steam sauna is especially suitable for people who appreciate comfortable temperature around 50 degrees and prefer high humidity. Perfectly suitable in the colder season to strengthen the immune system.

Wellness & vacation enjoyment thanks to our shiatsu massage chair and infrared cabin.

Release tension and strengthen the entire immune system thanks to the infrared light which penetrates in the deep layers of the skin.

Our high-quality massage chair with heat - relax and massage function - enjoy comforting relaxation, unwind, do something good.

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